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Pictured above is the finished result of the restoration. The car is a very early 8V Integrale (chassis no 428064), not many survive this age due to rust and lack of care. This is not restored to original specification as both the wheels and bonnet are not 8V OEM spec, instead I've opted for 16 valve bonnet and Borbet 7.5" rims to 'pump' it up a bit. The wheels also help the handing giving the car a wider track and much wider tyres than the stock car. The intention is to use the car on sellected track events.
















There are so many things to do to an HF Integrale, everything is very tweekable. The suspension is quite high and soft on the original 8V car and is it's weak point. Many options are available right up to RSR coil over kits which cost £2000. I've opted to use Koni adjustable springs and sports spings. Final Edition Integrale springs are also a good option although they are very low and hard and have been critised for being 'crashy'. The suspension now helps out Borbet rrims which are 1.5" wider than stock and carry 215 section tyres (195 OEM). The result of this is much crisper turn in and a higher level of grip. Handing will be fully track tested in the near future to give a proper assessment.

















The engine has also undergone a change. The original ECU has been upgraded to a 16 Valve spec ECU along with 16V injectors and MAP sensor. The ECU is of couse chipped to run high boost. This upgrade increases the amount of fuel which can be pumped into the engine, the 8 Valve equipment is limited by the flow capacity of the injectors and the ECU capacity to read boost to 1.1 BAR. I will attempt in future to write my own chip in a bid to release yet more power although that will be a little time off yet. The engine is helped by a new SS rear silencer box. Final tweeking will continue although the first big test will come with the June 08 track day! - report to follow.




















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