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A nicely taken picture kindly supplied by the Alfa club Scotland of the Abarth 130TC in full flight on the track. This particular picture is taken on Knockhill in a blind medium fast over crest right bend, you will notice the suspension is fully loaded up on the outside as we sweep through the bend.

You can only truly appreciate these cars in their true environment as they really come alive on track. I lapped for a constant 40 minutes during my first stint with no problems at all and the car just soaked up the abuse, after all that's what they were designed for so it's not surprising. What was surprising was how quick the Abarth was, although it only has 130 odd BHP it was a number of seconds a lap quicker than most Alfa road cars (and competition cars for that mater) and a hard driven Tipo 16v the successor to the Abarth.


A number of the Alfa owners had the same question for me which came after the usual “I never seen one of these for ages” comments which was “what's that got done to it”, many were shocked to hear the answer “It's as it left the factory mate” – a proud moment indeed!

I had a great tussle with the Tipo 16v that was driven very hard by a friend of mine. Although I was carrying a 100kg weight penalty (sorry Alan) in the form of s passenger the acceleration between the two cars was very close with probably the Abarth being slightly quicker. It's when it came to the braking and the corning that the Abarth won hands down. The Tipo owner said he just couldn't keep up as the Tipo ploughed on through the bend and the brakes ended up melting like cheese. Never mind eh.

Just wait till the next track day when it will be even quicker, I've a small list of job to do which is fix the oil leak from the cam box and increase the camber on the front suspension so the whole tyre is used. I might even change the spark plugs and look for a set of bell mouths for the webers – that should take a few seconds of the lap time (also drop the ballast).
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