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The 124 Spider Turbo Project receives an engine












The engine block just before fitting. Bores have been honed and the pistons cleaned up. New core plugs fitted after a fresh coat of black paint was applied.













Note the modified oil pick up for this type of twin cam engine. This was shortened and rotated significantly as the engine originally used a central pick up position and was installed at an 15° to 20° angle.













The above picture shows quite clearly the oil pick up and the support bar which bolt onto number 2 main bearing cap. I decided to keep the support bar, if Fiat thought they needed it then it should stay, it should help is the sump ever grounded. Just needs a sump.................













The above picture shows the extra baffling of the sump for the new oil pick up position.












The all important 'hump' for the oil pick up pipe. Better to make a hump than try and modify the original sump for the engine. Welded up fine using a mig welder, tested for leakages using thiners.





Sump and gearbox and clutch fitted and in it goes...... Watch out on the clutch front, I thought 130TC flywheels and Integrale/Thema/Croma flywheels were interchangeable - they're not. The Strada 130TC Abarth clutch dowels are in slightly different places (about 1 or 2 mm closer into the centre). If you want to use an Integrale clutch on your 130TC abarth you will need to modify your flywheel or change it.



Easy does it.................



Ah, thats better. I fitted up the head and manifolds to check clearances and positions. This is when I found out you can't use a standard Integrale inlet manifold as it will hit the cam wheel. There is two options, one to use a standard Croma Turbo inlet manifold, this sits much lower and further out than the Integrale unit - and the other to modify the Integrale manifold. All the injectors and sensors can be swapped over easily if you opt for the Croma route, however I went for the Integrale manifold as that gives more clearance to the inner wing to use later.


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